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Lesser Goldfinch

Spinus psaltria

First Seen

Los Angeles, CA

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11/8/22 – I remember my first few times seeing the Lesser Goldfinch when I lived in California. I was familiar with American Goldfinches at the time but was confused by these birds that had so much more black on them. I thought they looked really cool and the birders I was with identified them. They have a pretty whistling song and I usually find them foraging in trees in groups. The featured photo above was captured at Crescent Bend Nature Park in a bird blind and perch setup.

I haven’t quite nailed their song down by ear yet. If I’ve heard it recently I can pick it out. Certain songs they make I can call, but their presence has surprised me a few times. I had a nice experience recording them at Denman Park last year. They were deep inside a tree in the parking lot and their song attracted me to their location. No other birds were in earshot so it made it easy to get good recordings.

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