Bird Lover Gift Ideas

There are all kinds of bird enthusiasts out there: bird owners, bird photographers, bird watchers, those who love to feed backyard birds. Sometimes it can be tricky to decide what to get bird lovers for Christmas or a birthday. I’ve created this list of bird lover gift ideas guide you to lots of things for that avian enthusiast in your life (even if it’s yourself!). Many of the items below link to Amazon—and most are Prime Eligible—just click on them! Other bird gifts come from various sites like Etsy. Enjoy!

Bird Plushes

The Audubon partnered with Wild Republic to create this huge line of small adorable bird plushes. When each plush is squeezed a real bird call plays. These sounds were provided by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The line of Squishables plushes below the Audubon birds are HUGE bird plushes that are full of fluff and love and ready to hug. They are unbelievably large at 15″ in width, several feet in diameter.

Barn Owl
barn owl plush
cardinal plush
Red-tailed Hawk
red-tailed hawk plush
chickadee plush
northern mockingbird plush
american-goldfinch plush
Peregrine Falcon
peregrine-falcon plush
american crow plush
Snowy Owl
snowy owl plush
Audubon Hummingbird
audubon hummingbird plush
Blue Jay
blue jay plush
Red-winged Blackbird
red-winged blackbird plush
California Quail
california quail plush
Pileated Woodpecker
pileated woodpecker plush
Western Bluebird
western bluebird plush
Baltimore Oriole
baltimore oriole plush
Bald Eagle
bald eagle plush
Downy Woodpecker
downy woodpecker plush
Wood Duck wood duck plush
Blue Hen Chicken
blue hen chicken plush
Penguin Squishable
penguin squishable
Prism Penguin Squishable
squishable prism penguin
Squishable Peacock
squishable peacock
Squishable Owlsquishable owl
Squishable Bald Eagle
squishable bald eagle

Bird Posters

These beautiful bird posters, with art from the famous Roger Peterson and other artists, look wonderful and are a handy to reference to see what bird you saw recently or as a companion to your backyard bird watching.

Peterson’s Backyard Birds of the Northeastpeterson's backyard birds of northeast america poster
Peterson’s Backyard Birds of the Midwestpeterson's backyard birds of the midwest poster
Backyard Birds of the Desert Southwestpeterson's-backyard_birds_of_desert-southwest
Peterson’s Backyard Birds of the Southeastpeterson's backyard birds of the southeast poster
Peterson’s Backyard Birds of The Rocky Mountain Statespeterson's-backyard-birds-of-the-rocky-mountain-states poster
Tits of the Worldtits of the world poster
I ♥ Boobiesi love boobies
Mnemonic Bird Sounds Western NAmnemonics bird call poster western north america
Mnemonic Bird Sounds Eastern NAmnemonic bird calls poster eastern north america
Birds of North America birds of north america poster

Bird Feeders

Backyard bird watching is a great way to see your neighborhood birds without having to travel far. Setting up a bird feeder is a great way to attract local birds to your yard. Hummingbird feeders are also a popular choice, but make sure you know how to maintain them to keep the birds healthy.

Panorama Bird Feederpanorama bird feeder

See-through Window Feederbird window feeder
Garden Song 480 Classic Bird Feeder
Metal Mesh Ball Feederball mesh bird feeder
Hummingbird Feederhummingbird feeder 1
Hummingbird Feederhummingbird feeder 2

Bird Guides

Finding birds is only half the challenge! Identifying them correctly is an essential skill to have for any birder. You can try using an app like Merlin or Birdsnap, but a nice field guide is a must have for any bird lover. Check out those books and find the perfect one for you. I’ve seen birders with all of these books, they are great! I have the first Sibley one, and a California-specific guide.

Sibley Guide 2nd ed.sibley guide to birds

Sibley Guide Western NAsibley bird guide to western north america
Sibley Guide Eastern NAsibley bird guide to western north america
Nat Geo Bird Guidenational geographic bird field guide
Nat Geo Backyard Birdsnational geographic backyard birds guide
Kaufman Guidekaufman bird field guide

Birding Gear

With a guide in hand, a handy pair of binoculars or a spotting scope is essential to see any bird up close and in great detail. The little details are what will help you correctly ID any mystery bird. Many birders carry cameras with them to take photographs of the beautiful birds they see. I personally shoot with a Canon Rebel T6i and a Canon 400mm Telephoto lens.

Bushnell 7×35 Binoculars

bushnell binoculars 7x35

Celestron Nature 8×42 Binocularscelestron nature 8x42 birding binoculars
Celestron Outland 8×42 Binocularscelestron outland 8x42 birding binouclars
Barska 20-60x Spotting Scopebarska 20 - 60x birding spotting scope
Celestron 80mm Spotting Scopecelestron 80mm birding spotting scope
Vortex Optics Binocular Harnessvortex optics binocular harness
Bushnell Binocular Harnessbushnell binocular harness
Canon Rebel T5icanon rebel t5i
Canon 400mm Super Telephoto Lenscanon 400m telephoto birding lens
Birding Journalbirding journal

Miscellaneous Bird Gifts

There is an incredible amount of bird gifts out there. Here are a few of my favorites!

Charley Harper Glassescharley harper bird glasses

Audubon Bird Callaudubon bird call
Birdcage Umbrellabirdcage umbrella
Birdhouse Key Holderbirdhouse key holder
Owl Tea Infuserowl tea infuser
LEGO Bird SetLEGO bird set
Guide to Troubled birdsguide to troubled birds book
Birdbird andrew zuckerman book
Singing Bird Clocksinging bird clock
Bird Bingobird bingo
Famous Drinking BirdFamous Drinking Bird
Pedestal Bird Bathpedestal bird bath
Sibley Birding Flashcardssibley birding flash cards
Bird Sticky Notesbird sticky note markers
Bird Window Safety Clingsbird window safety clings
USB Birdcage Lampusb birdcage lamp
Owl Kiteowl kite gift
Wood Bird Wall Clockwood bird wall clock
Geometric Owl Clockcool owl clock
What Birds Teach Uswhat birds teach us

Bird Apparel & Handmade Goods

Here are clothes and accessories for you (not your bird).

Owl Wing Bird Scarfowl wings bird scarf

Peacock Bird Scarfpeacock-bird-scarf
Bird Feather Scarfbird feather scarf
Owl Wings Scarfowl wings bird scarf
Bird Feathers Scarfbird feathers shawl
Blue Bird Scarfblue bird feather scarf
Beak Freak T-Shirtbeak freak shirt
Cool Owl Shirtcool owl shirt
Bird Cage Necklacebird cage necklace
Goldfinch EarringsGoldfinch Earrings
Parrot Necklacemacaw parrot necklace
Rose-breasted Grosbeak Earringsrose-breasted grosbeak earrings
Bald Eagle Necklacebald eagle necklace
Barn Owl Necklacebarn owl necklace
Birds Nest Necklacebird nest necklace
Knitted Cockatoo Scarfknitted cockatoo parrot bird scarf
Owl Purseowl purse
Fabric Bird Sculpture Blue Titbird sculpture blue tit
Bird Sculpture Kingfisher
bird sculpture kingfisher
Bird Sculpture Wrenbird sculpture wren
Bird Sculpture Robinbird sculpture robin
Enamel Barn Owl Ring Setenamel barn owl ring
Enamel Crown Ring Setenamel crane ring set
Enamel Seagull Ring Setenamel seagull ring set
Seedpod Birds from Zimbabweseedpod-birds-from-zimbabwe

Bird Art

Enough said.

Poor Eyesight Hawkpoor-eyesight-hawk
Kiwi Bird Anatomykiwi bird anatomy
Scarlet Ibisscarlet ibis painting
Little Owl Paintinglittle owl painting
Music Owlowl music art
Sparrows with Skullbird with skull art
Lord Beaky Dictionary Artworkparrot dictionary artwork print