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Painted Bunting

Passerina ciris

First Seen

San Antonio, TX

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5/25/22 – My first solo experience of the Painted Bunting was at Pearsall Park in July 2021. At the park there is a disc golf course and birds of all kinds like to perch on the goal. That day, I spotted a small bird on a distant goal. Getting a closer look I could see the dull yellow color of the female Painted Bunting. It was exciting but not as thrilling as seeing the brilliant colors of the male. It wouldn’t be for almost another year that I’d see this bird. On my regular weekend visit to the park in May of 2022, it was finally my moment.

I was walking down the trail toward the creek and shortly before arriving, I saw the flash of a red bird. Thinking it was a Cardinal, but always checking, I held up my binoculars and a rush of colors. The male Painted Bunting had finally revealed itself. I struggled with my camera and it flew only to land on a branch even closer. It managed to stay put for a moment or two and allowed me to capture its photo. I’ve seen it a few times since at Cibolo Nature Center bringing friends along with me to share in the spectacle.

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