Audubon Bird Call Sound Maker

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You can attract many birds with the Audubon Bird Call, a little birch-wood and pewter device that chirps and twitters- imitating several bird calls- when you twist it. Easy to tuck in a pocket or backpack, or carry around your neck on a string. Handcrafted in New England. The Channel Craft Company’s motto- “Who Said They Don’t Make ’em Like They Used To?”- is music to our ears. The Pennsylvania- based company has been manufacturing authentic, historically significant American toys, games and puzzles for almost 25 years, and is dedicated to maintaining the highest crafting standards and creating aesthetic beauty, durability, and great play value for kids to enjoy. Chirps and twitters to imitate bird calls. Fits in your pocket. Hand crafted in New England. For ages 8 and up

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