Macaw Parrot Necklace




This charm necklace features a Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao) charm hand-drawn onto high quality, durable shrink plastic with a water resistant finish, silver-colored back and a dangling sparkling Swarovski® crystal customized to your color preference on a chain with your choice of clasp and length.


Show off your love for birds and nature by wearing this handcrafted original piece of bird art jewelry. Each piece is carefully drawn by hand onto durable, lightweight plastic using the best quality colored pencils to highlight the markings and colorations that make a scarlet macaw a scarlet macaw. Because these pieces are not mass-produced, and are individually hand drawn there might be slight variation from the photographed necklace. This means that you will get a wearable original piece of bird art- no two pieces will ever be exactly the same!

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