Squishable Mini Barn Owl Plush




Today on Flip or Fly, we visit the Barn Owl, a cuddly carnivore with a growing family and a taste for the rustic, rural look! This Owl’s list of must-haves – a playroom for the owlets, granite countertops, a swoop-in closet – is a long one, and hard to find in the “barn chic” look she has her heart set on.

That’s going to mean a lot of do-it-yourself renovations without the benefit of opposable thumbs or some major compromises! In the end, the decision is easy. As Barn Owls are not migratory, it’s totally worth putting in the effort! Start pecking away at that wall in order to make room for that huge closet! Call in the plumber for that shower that shoots water at you from all directions! With a little elbow grease (do Owls have elbows?), it will all pay off! This Barn Owl and her family will have the coziest barn this side of basic cable! 7 squishy inches of bird with a mortgage.

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