The Great Backyard Bird Count is a yearly tradition that calls upon bird watchers of all ages to spend at least 15 minutes watching and counting birds. Once finished, participants submit their sightings to either eBird or Your participation contributes to citizen science and creates a snapshot of distribution and abundance of bird species. The backyard bird count 2018 is February 16-19!

What if I don’t have a backyard to count birds in?

That’s OK! You can count birds anywhere during this four-day event. It can be at a local park, your neighborhood, a favorite beach spot, wherever! Just spend at least 15 minutes noting the different bird species you see and estimating the number of each. When you’re finished, submit your sightings online. There also is a photography contest if you like snapping pictures of birds. Learn more about the Great Backyard Bird Count on the official website.

Last year people from over 100 countries participated and spotted more than 6,200 species!

Have you participated before? If so, how many species did you see? 

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