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How to Make GIFs for Tumblr

Tumblr has a great audience and is a wonderful place to share your bird photography or animated GIFs. GIFs are one of the most popular types of media shared on Tumblr, their movement and tendency to be funny or beautiful make them very likely to be reblogged. I create all of my GIFs with Adobe Photoshop CS5 or 6 on a Mac. The process is the same for most versions of PS.

how to use ebird

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Where to Find Birds

eBird makes it easy to find birds no matter where you are, even if you are in a new city or location.

One of the best and most useful tools you can have in your birder’s toolkit is the knowledge of how to use eBird. Once you have mastered the art of eBird you will know the hottest and best places to go birding, no matter where you may travel!

hummingbird feeder saftey

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Hummingbird Feeder Safety

Hummingbirds are easy to attract to a backyard garden, a cinch to keep well fed, and a joy to watch. These sparkling jewels of summer are easy to love.

But if you don’t take proper care to provide healthy nectar and clean feeders, they’re also an easy bird to love to death.

Hummingbird feeders must be kept clean and free from mold and fungus, or the tiny hum-buzzers you so enjoy could develop a serious and deadly fungus infection. This infection causes the tongue to swell, making it impossible for the bird to feed.

beginner birder's gull guide cover

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The Beginner Birder’s Gull Guide

Gulls can be confusing! Here are a few tricks to help tell some of the more common gulls apart.

This gull guide is for adult birds only. Gulls get even more tricky than depicted here, due to the fact that juvenile gulls are completely different colors, usually brown with a black bill. Juvenile identification will take more practice, but start with learning the differences between adult gulls, then focus on the young ones. These are the four main gulls I’ve seen in Southern California: