Jeff with row bird rover

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Orientation for the Golden-Cheeked Warbler survey

I recently visited the birdfeed store and chatted with an employee there about birds (naturally). She asked if I’ve been to the Albert and Bessie Kronkosky State Natural Area. She mentioned they are doing a Golden-cheeked Warbler survey on the land and they need volunteers.

jeff at bird fest mitchell lake audubon center 2022

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Migratory Bird Fest 2022 at Mitchell Lake Audubon Center

Migratory Bird Fest has been underway at Mitchell Lake Audubon Center from April 21 2022 to today, May 14, 2022. Bird Fest concludes with a community festival full of organizations and activities. After a morning of birding at Pearsall Park, we drove over to the Mitchell Lake Audubon Center to check out the activities.

carolina chickadee with spectrogram overlay

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Visualize bird songs with spectrograms

Recording bird songs is a great way to begin learning how to identify birds by ear. But listening to your clips isn’t the only way to enjoy and study them. Spectrograms add a whole new layer to your bird recordings, enabling you study them visually and see how species vocalize in different ways.