Bird Day LA

Starting tomorrow May 2nd, 2015, bright and early, there will be about two dozen birding activities happening: bird walks, rooftop bar hangout + bird watching, art workshops, museum activities, picnics and more! Bird Day LA will be a great time to meet other birders and expand your knowledge of all the amazing birds the call Los Angeles county home.

These events will be happening all over the city, coordinated by several local Audubon chapters, Bird LA, and others. You can find events happening in Downtown/Central LA, East LA, West LA, The Valley, and South LA and South Bay.

There are so many activities happening tomorrow that I haven’t even begun to decide what I am going to go to. Talk about stressful!

For a full list of all of the fantastic happenings tomorrow, visit Bird LA.

Banner image credit Wikimedia

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Jeffrey Mann

Author: Jeffrey Mann

A late-20s birder living in Los Angeles. Enjoys birding on the weekend, and loves checking out new areas in SoCal for opportunities to photograph wildlife. When not obsessing about birds, you can find him cross stitching or playing Nintendo games.

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