Birding (Bird Watching) has a bad rap of being an activity that only people with one foot in the grave do. I am here to dispel that myth. Here are 6 reasons birding is not just for old people:

1. Birding gets people off their phones and out into the sun.

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The average millennial spends 37.8 hours on social media a week.

2. Reducing stress by spending some time in nature is good for your health.

Stress can shorten your life expectancy.

3. Birding is a practically-free activity.

You can usually find local bird walks where binoculars are provided or pick up a pair of inexpensive ones. Once you have a pair of binoculars, a world of birds will be open to you. See some of the local Los Angeles bird meetups here.

4. Bird watching makes people more environmentally conscious and “green.”

Learning more about birds gives us more respect for nature and its delicate balance. Recording your bird sightings for the Great Backyard Bird Count contributes to citizen science and helps scientist better understand how climate change is affecting wildlife.

5. Bird watching forces you to discover parts of your city you’d never knew existed.

By going on bird walks and trips with your local Audubon, you’ll visit places in the city and the surrounding area that you would have never visited otherwise. Birders always know the most scenic and beautiful places to observe nature. There have been countless ranches, nature preserves, canyons, wetlands and parks that I have discovered through my time birding that were completely unknown to me before. It has instilled a much greater appreciate for what Los Angeles has to offer. I bet that you will feel the same way about your city.

6. Birds are awesome.

There are an unbelievable amount of bird species all around us. If you just take the time to look, you’ll find many beautiful and unique birds everywhere you go.