Book review: Oh, Chickadee

I’m an avid birder, everyone knows that… but what most don’t know is that I will soon be a parent, too. Oh, Chickadee flies in at the right time.

oh chickadee mcsea books

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A new chapter soon begins

I’m an avid birder, everyone knows that… but what most don’t know is that I will soon be a parent, too. My partner and I have been going through the surrogacy process and are intended to be parents later this year. With this excitement comes the anticipation of having a new person to share your passions and loves with.

This new chapter in my life has been planned for a few years now, and I’ve been taking this time to look for books and materials that can inspire and spark curiosity.

My twin brother recently gave me a hilarious bird field guide for the skeptics of the winged world. This book along with others I’ve come across will help introduce an older child to a world full of birds. But I’ve been looking for books geared toward younger readers.

One of my fond childhood memories is being read storybooks at night before bed. We would read children’s humor, fantasy, and mystery books. This instilled in me a lifelong desire to read and share those stories with others.

Oh, Chickadee flies in at the right time

McSea Books recently reached out to me about a new children’s book they are publishing, Oh, Chickadee! They kindly provided me with a copy to read.

By author Jennifer Richard Jacobson, Oh Chickadee is beautifully illustrated in chalk pastel and charcoal pencil by Jamie Hogan. It gives the young reader a glimpse into the world of a small, but resourceful Black-capped Chickadee.

oh chickadee mcsea books
The front cover of Oh, Chickadee.

The book itself is very nice. Its spine is bright red, with the title and berries on the front cover having a glossy finish to them. Each page is fully illustrated. At the end you’ll find a glossary and other helpful information.

From pip to nest building

Oh, Chickadee tells the story of the chickadee lifecycle, from breaking through the eggshell in the nest (pip) to starting a family of her own.

As I slowly read this book, I appreciated how it managed to subtly teach the reader something on each page.

A nice example of the full-page illustrations

You’ll learn about the chickadee’s social relationships, food sources, and how it finds its way in the world.

I have a fondness for chickadees and enjoy seeing their small groups bounce through the trees. They have a sweet song and a variety of calls.

This book taught me that chickadees are cavity nesters that find their own social groups after fledging the nest. This dynamic where offspring spread out into the world to form new social groups is fascinating.

A Carolina Chickadee I saw in Crescent Bend Nature Park. The book talks about the Black-capped Chickadee. The two are distinguished primarily by region.

A fine addition for my children’s book collection

I’m continuing to collect children’s books as my excitement to become a new parent grows.

Oh, Chickadee now has a place on my shelf for that exciting day.

You can pre-order from McSea Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers.

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