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Recording and photographing birds at the same time

I’m not a multitasker, I never have been. But when thinking about birding, the desire to be able to both record birdsong and photograph birds on the same trip is very alluring.

The last time I recorded at the park, I had the recorder in one hand and the microphone in the other, the…entire…time… The only exception to this was when I finagled things into one arm while adding birds to my checklist.

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Another Day, Another Thrasher

It’s a mild day. Cloudy. Drizzling on and off. As I walk toward the pond, I wonder what I’m going to hear today. It’s my first day at Denman Park in the rain, and I speculated the weather might change the soundscape a bit.
I wandered underneath the canopy leading to the waters edge and saw a big flock of White-winged doves take off and ascend into the trees.

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Two familiars and one unknown

During a recent trip to the park, I got the chance to record three birds, the Blue Jay and the White-winged Dove, and one unknown bird. This mystery bird made itself known by calling out from a dense patch of bamboo. The bird could be heard from where I parked my car, so it was my final recording stop on the way out of the park. I recorded this short clip of the bird before getting greedy and trying to get closer by going around to the other side of the bamboo patch.

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Birding with Bexar Audubon at Walker Ranch Park

This morning brought an opportunity to go birding with the Bexar Audubon Society at Walker Ranch Park. Upon my arrival at the park, I was surprised to see a group of 13 other birds gathered there for the Audubon Walk. I walked up and introduced myself to everyone. When I was asked if I was from the media (due to the microphone I was carrying), I responded that I am here to capture some bird songs!

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A Lunchtime Birding Trip around Denman Park

Inspired to go check out a local park over lunch, I fired up to look for a local birding hotspot. Denman Park popped up as a good place to go check out birds. Around 150 species have been spotted there over time, so I figured it must have some good trees and water for the local birds. The entrance to Denman Park is on the appropriately-named Mockingbird Lane. The park is situated in the middle of a densely forested neighborhood and includes a pond, a Korean monument, and various wooded walking trails.

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Transitioning from Photographing to Recording Birds

I’ve been photographing birds for years as a way to document what I see and to satisfy creative endeavors. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a sound may be worth ten-thousand. When you go birding, you often hear a bird before you see it, if you see it at all. To go from being a good to a great birder, the ability to pick up and identify birds by their song or call is critical.

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Big Move to the Lone Star State and Meeting the Neighborhood Birds

This past year has been a whirlwind of hustle as I worked to finish up the last two years of my bachelor’s degree. After just over a year at UC Irvine, I finished my schooling and set my sights on what comes next: rejoining the workforce. Just as I was wrapping up my final quarter of school, Mubark landed a job offer in San Antonio, Texas. We tied up all of our loose ends in California, sold all of our bulky items, and hit the road toward the lone star state with anything we could cram into our cars.

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