Birding Summary

Bird Banding in Denver

The morning after landing in Denver, Colorado, I woke up early and headed out to visit Barr Lake. I used eBird to locate this lake as a good spot to find Bald Eagles, a bird I’ve always wanted to see in person.

common nighthawk on branch

Birding Summary

Birding at Crescent Bend Nature Park

This morning I took a trip across town to visit a new birding spot, Crescent Bend Nature Park. I decided to go birding this morning rather late (by birding standards) and didn’t arrive at the park until 9 AM. Nonetheless, I was ready to see what I could find on my first visit.

Birding Summary

Birding in Cancun & Chichen Itza

Last weekend I traveled to Cancun, Mexico for a short stay over Fourth of July. Traveling as birder is always exciting because of the chance to see new birds you can’t see at home.

I poured over eBird sightings in Cancun prior to traveling so I could make mental notes of what species I might see and what I hoped to find.

yellow-billed cuckoo in tree

Birding Summary

Leading a bird walk at Pearsall Park with Bexar Audubon Society

This morning I led a bird walk at Pearsall Park for Bexar Audubon Society. I’ve been looking forward to this bird walk for months and was excited to share the park with a bunch of new people. I was hopeful for good birds today to excite the first-time visitors but you never know what you’ll see.