View of the Medina river from the Medina rio trail

Birding Summary

Birding at Medina River in San Antonio

Mixing new birding locations in with your regular spots keeps your adventures interesting. Today was that day for me. Medina River has been on my radar for a while as a place to visit.

kestrel perched on wire

Birding Summary

Birding at twilight

I have always been a morning person and always officially birded in the morning. Usually, I start around 8 AM but this time I wanted to try out birding in the evening. Birds are most active when the sun rises and right before it sets.

Rocky Mountain arsenal national wildlife refuge

Birding Summary

A visit to Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge in Colorado

Following a tip from a birder I met at Barr Lake, I arrived at Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge the next morning. Within the refuge, I had the opportunity to walk the trails around Lake Mary and Lake Ladora. Lake Mary is the smaller of the two and the one I explored first.

Birding Summary

Bird Banding in Denver

The morning after landing in Denver, Colorado, I woke up early and headed out to visit Barr Lake. I used eBird to locate this lake as a good spot to find Bald Eagles, a bird I’ve always wanted to see in person.

common nighthawk on branch

Birding Summary

Birding at Crescent Bend Nature Park

This morning I took a trip across town to visit a new birding spot, Crescent Bend Nature Park. I decided to go birding this morning rather late (by birding standards) and didn’t arrive at the park until 9 AM. Nonetheless, I was ready to see what I could find on my first visit.