A recent update to the eBird app has brought hotspots directly to your fingertips.

Now, upon opening the eBird app, you’ll see a new “Explore” tab.

In the explore tab you are presented with a map view that shows all of the nearby birding hotspots.

eBird app explore hotspots view

You can search by hotspot name, filter based on your life list (useful if you submit regularly using the app), and filter by which locations have been visited recently.

eBird App explore hotspots list view

The explore tab also offers shortcuts to eBird.org to view your target species, set up needs/rare bird alerts, and a link to the top 100 birders for your selected location.

If you click on one of the hotspots it opens up to a view where you can see all the species seen in that location and filter based on species you need for your life list. You can also get directions directly to the hotspot.

eBird app explore hotspots hotspot detail page

The explore tab is a welcome addition to the eBird app and brings the app in closer parity with eBird.org features.

I hope to see eBird Profiles, syncing of your life list into the app, and the ability to upload media in future updates. Cornell, please.