A casual birdwatcher’s visit to Spain and Portugal

I recently returned from a pleasant vacation to Barcelona, Spain and Lisbon, Portugal. Our travel style is very unstructured and involves lots of on-foot exploration with visits to historical landmarks.

Birding isn’t our main reason for travel but we looked for birds everywhere we went and visited a few spots specifically to see them.

ios scriptable birdweather widget with yellow warbler


Create an iOS Scriptable widget to show backyard bird visitors

In this tutorial, I will explain how to create an iOS Scriptable widget that displays the bird visitors in your backyard. By combining data from a BirdNET-Pi station and BirdWeather.com, we can develop a fun widget that showcases the diversity of feathered friends that visit our gardens.

young birdwatcher with binoculars


Young birdwatcher gear guide

Birdwatching is a wonderful hobby that allows us to connect with nature, observe beautiful creatures, and learn about the diversity of the world around us. For young, curious birdwatchers, it can be an especially rewarding experience. And having the right tools can make all the difference in their ability to explore the world of birds.

leaderboard with kingbird


Create a live BirdNET-Pi dashboard using WordPress

In the footer of this website you’ll see a live leaderboard of the birds chirping in my backyard. These detections are made via my BirdNET-Pi station and submitted to BirdWeather. Let’s look at how it was created.

MQTT dot matrix bird counter

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Project: Track backyard birds on a digital counter

I’ve been going deep down the BirdNET-Pi rabbit hole over the last month. A BirdNET-Pi setup uses a Raspberry Pi computer and microphone to listen, ID, and log birds it hears 24/7. I came up with an idea to automatically show this count on some kind of digital counter. With this project idea in mind, I did research to find suitable parts to build and program it.