EOS R6 and 1.4 teleconverter


My Gear Setup for Bird Photography

I spent my first nine years as a hobby photographer with my original Canon camera setup, a Rebel T5i and EF 400mm lens. Earlier this year I upgraded my equipment to Canon’s mirrorless lineup and RF lens line. I‘m not a spec expert, but I’ll share why I selected each piece and what I appreciate.

Rocky Mountain arsenal national wildlife refuge

Birding Summary

A visit to Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge in Colorado

Following a tip from a birder I met at Barr Lake, I arrived at Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge the next morning. Within the refuge, I had the opportunity to walk the trails around Lake Mary and Lake Ladora. Lake Mary is the smaller of the two and the one I explored first.

Birding Summary

Bird Banding in Denver

The morning after landing in Denver, Colorado, I woke up early and headed out to visit Barr Lake. I used eBird to locate this lake as a good spot to find Bald Eagles, a bird I’ve always wanted to see in person.


How to Start a Bird Blog

Have birds or the hobby of birdwatching inspired you? When I started really getting into birds, I had a lot of creativity looking for an outlet, some of it came through photography, and some of it came through writing. This blog post talks mainly about your blogging platform options and what to think about when starting a new bird blog.