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Proposition P – Vote “Yes” for the birds!

The voting season is upon us and I was reached out to by someone working with the Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation Department to help inform LA voters about Proposition P.

Back in 1992, voters passed the Safe Neighborhood Parks Tax which helped fund almost 1,500 neighborhood and regional park projects.  This small $23/year tax was used to fund 244 nature trail projects, 33,000 acres dedicated to parks or open space, 175 tree planting projects, and much more detailed below.

The Safe Neighborhood Parks Tax expires in June 2015 and voters need to approve a replacement.

Proposition P will be that replacement. This measure will fund many things birders and birds rely on in Los Angeles. Funding will help ensure water quality in our rivers, creeks, lakes, beaches and water supply sources. Read more below:

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LA County to Decide on Parks Funding Tax

This November, Los Angeles County voters will decide on Proposition P, a $23/year per parcel tax measure to fund parks, gang prevention, youth/senior recreation, and beaches and wildlife protection. This measure is designed to replace the 1992 Safe Neighborhood Parks Tax Measure (Prop A) that will expire in June 2015.

During the past 20 years, the expiring 1992 Safe Neighborhood Parks Tax Measure has provided around $54 million/year, funding close to 1,500 neighborhood and regional parks projects.

These projects include: 328 new children’s play areas; 350 new and refurbished recreation centers, senior centers, community centers, and nature centers; 244 trail projects; 33,000 acres permanently converted to parks or open space; 110 water quality and supply projects; 175 tree planting projects; 200 restrooms added and more.

Should Proposition P be approved, it would continue funding $54 million a year for the next 30 years. Those funds would be allocated across the county for projects related to park maintenance; parks in disadvantaged communities; water quality in rivers, creeks, lakes and beaches; water supply sources; employment for local youth; regional open space, and more.

Proposition P, officially called the “Safe Neighborhood Parks, Gang Prevention, Youth/Senior Recreation, Beaches and Wildlife Protection Measure” requires a two-thirds majority vote to pass.

For more information about Prop P, including the text of Prop P and the ballot arguments in favor and against, please click here; or see our informational fact sheet, available in English, Spanish, and Chinese.