During a recent trip to the park, I got the chance to record three birds, the Blue Jay and the White-winged Dove, and one unknown bird.

This mystery bird made itself known by calling out from a dense patch of bamboo. The bird could be heard from where I parked my car, so it was my final recording stop on the way out of the park.

I recorded this short clip of the bird before getting greedy and trying to get closer by going around to the other side of the bamboo patch. As soon as I got to the other side, the bird must’ve gotten spooked and went silent. Drats. I didn’t get even a slight glimpse of what it looked like or what shape it was.

What could it be?

Besides these three birds, there wasn’t much going on at the park today. The only new arrivals at the park were a handful of American Wigeons swimming around on the water. No woodpeckers or raptors today. Maybe another day and sunnier weather will bring more birds. Today was a warm overcast day around 75F.

A busy Blue Jay

This Blue Jay was the first bird that caught my attention in the park. I heard it calling out as soon as I was out of my car. I followed the sound to the wood fence where I could see this Blue Jay busy jumping around on the ground next to a shed. He hopped up on a stump and made the following calls:

A cooing White-winged Dove

I lied. After my encounter with the mystery bird above, I got a chance to record the beautiful cooing of a White-winged Dove. It sat up in the branches above and seemed to respond to a fellow dove in the distance.

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