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Happy Spring! Here are The Birds That Migrate to North America for Spring

Many bird species migrate to North America for spring as a part of their...

Boy Rescues Bird, Bird Becomes Honorary Family Member

Penguin, an Australian Magpie, was rescued by a member of the Bloom family and nursed back to health. The bird was then released but returns to the house on a regular basis to hang out with the family. See some of the adorable photos of Penguin with his adopted family.

You’ll Never Hear It Coming: Examining The Silent Flight of The Owl

Scientists set up a row of super-sensitive microphones and had various birds fly above them to record the sound created by their flapping. Owls are known for their silent flying abilities. See how they compare to other birds in this fascinating video.

Why Do Penguins Waddle?

The penguin’s unique gait sure is cute. But why do they do it?

A study by scientists was done in 2000 that examined the movement of penguins during their waddle and looked at how much energy is used by their locomotion.

Happy National Bird Day

“Today, nearly 12 percent of the world’s 9,800 bird species may...

Cute Penguin Commercial for The Holidays

I just came across this lovely, cute penguin commercial for “Monty the Penguin.” This holiday-themed commercial will warm your heart. The CG is fantastic. Enjoy.

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What bird?

Can you guess this bird? It’s two colors, is found commonly in California…