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Birding at the LA River

Saturday brought an annual birding trip to the lower LA River with the Pasadena Audubon. This trip was timed to take advantage of the birds returning for the winter and for the migrating birds passing through. Little did I know that we would be spotting a rare bird that had been recently reported in the area, read on to find out what bird we saw.

Seagull Steals a GoPro Camera

Watch this crafty bird steal a GoPro camera in this YouTube video by Martin...

Video: Hummingbird Builds a Nest

Hummingbirds weight about as much as a penny and fly hundreds of miles each year during migration. Watch as this tiny female Anna’s Hummingbird creates a nest for its young. It steals spider silk fibers, moss, small leaves, and other materials to strengthen the cup that it sits in.

Prime Day Deal: Adobe Creative Cloud with $40 Amazon Credit

To the birders out there who edit their own photos, I spotted this awesome Amazon Prime Day deal for Adobe CC (Creative Cloud). Sign up for a Creative Cloud Photography plan ($9.99) today and you get a $40 Amazon credit. I signed up for Creative Cloud last month and wish I was able to take advantage of this deal.

eBird Social Network Mockup

Truth be told, I have been sitting on this for a while. Ever since I started using eBird to help catalog my bird observations, there has been a longing for more. I’ve longed for a social aspect of eBird. A website where I could follow fellow birder friends and connect with new ones. I’ve created this eBird mockup for fun and will run through a few of my ideas.

Birding at Rancho Sierra Vista

Last weekend I had the pleasure of going on an annual birding trip to Rancho Sierra Vista / Satiwa led by Richard (Dick) Barth. Rancho is one of the last intact ranches from the middle of the 20th century and is nestled near the Santa Monica Mountains. This bird walk was organized by the San Fernando Valley Audubon.

6 Reasons Birding is Not Just for Old People

Birding (Bird Watching) has a bad rap of being an activity that only old people do. I am here to dispel that myth. Here are 6 reasons birding is not just for old people:

QUIZ: What Kind of Chicken Are You?

Take this quiz and find out what kind of chicken you are!

Identify Birds with Your Phone Using Merlin

One day, you may find yourself without a field guide in hand when a mysterious bird finds its way into your field of view. What do you do? In situations like this, or for the book-averse, the answer comes in the form of a nifty mobile app called Merlin.

Pileated Woodpecker Absolutely Destroys Tree

This adorable Pileated Woodpecker has a ball destroying this tree and creating its own huge pile of wood chips in the process. Behold.

New Merlin Photo ID Able to Identify Birds Online from Digital Photos

I was excited to receive an email from Cornell this morning announcing a new online tool called Merlin Photo ID. This tool, similar to Bird Snap, uses “computer vision technology” to identify birds online from photos that you upload to the software.

Bird Day LA

Starting tomorrow May 2nd, 2015, bright and early, there will be about two dozen birding activities happening: bird walks, rooftop bar hangout + bird watching, art workshops, museum activities, picnics and more! Tomorrow will be a great time to meet other birders and expand your knowledge of all the amazing birds the call Los Angeles county home.

Dutch ‘Cuddly Owl’ Finally Caught on Video

An owl that has been cuddling Dutch town residents was caught on video...

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