catching bald eagle in bird show

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Behind the Scenes at a Birds of Prey Show

A free-flight birds of prey show. I have seen hundreds of them, and I still get a wave of childlike giddiness every time I get the chance to see another one. I know I’m not the only one that believes that they are always an absolute highlight of zoo trips. There’s just something about watching a raptor soar inches above my head that takes my breath away. The speakers and trainers point, the bird flies, all of it happens in near perfect synchronization. Watching the speaker on stage, talking so calmly about the bird, engaging the audience with every syllable, it is extremely easy to believe that the entire show is effortless.


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A Day in The Life of a Waterfowl Biologist

The day starts out by waking up to the sound of geese flying back to marsh after spending the night feeding in nearby rice fields. A day in the life of a waterfowl biologist is never dull; work is almost purely dictated by the birds themselves. There are two main seasons in California’s Sacramento Valley: the breeding season and the wintering season.

The waterfowl present during breeding season consist almost exclusively of Mallard, Gadwall, a handful of Cinnamon Teal, and a few other stragglers that didn’t feel like flying all the way up to Alaska.

cockatiel pet bird

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6 Things to Know Before Getting a Pet Bird

Birds are among the top five pets commonly found in households. People prefer them for various reasons. Some like talking birds because they can be easily taught specific words, some want birds that come in pairs because they look good together. Others, are simply intrigued by a certain species, making them want one as a companion just because.


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How to Make Your First Bird Walk a Success

More and more people are becoming fond of birdwatching in the Philippines. However, the number of birdwatchers, while growing, is still comparably small compared to the communities of birdwatchers in other parts of the world. There is limited access to fellow birders in some countries that can supply advice, especially when it comes to tips on how to go about birding. Nonetheless, here is some advice that any new birder can use to make your first bird walk a success and for any bird outings to come.

hummingbird nest

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Video: Hummingbird Builds a Nest

Hummingbirds weight about as much as a penny and fly hundreds of miles each year during migration. Watch as this tiny female Anna’s Hummingbird creates a nest for its young. It steals spider silk fibers, moss, small leaves, and other materials to strengthen the cup that it sits in.

bird day LA

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Bird Day LA

Starting tomorrow May 2nd, 2015, bright and early, there will be about two dozen birding activities happening: bird walks, rooftop bar hangout + bird watching, art workshops, museum activities, picnics and more! Tomorrow will be a great time to meet other birders and expand your knowledge of all the amazing birds the call Los Angeles county home.