mockingbird song

An interesting story was aired on NPR this week talking about a special four-note succession that is played by New Orlean musicians as an indication to strike up the band…people are hearing it come from the trees as well.

“Whatever pitch you start at, the root note and then the fourth away is the top note that you would whistle or that you would play,” Jones says. “In musical terms, it’s a perfect fourth, ’cause it’s the fourth degree of the scale. ‘Do re mi fa, 1, 2, 3, 4.’ “

People started noticing that this exact tune can be heard coming from the trees via the local Mockingbirds. There has been some debate on who originally created this tune: the humans or the birds.

Mockingbirds are known for learning many sounds during their lives. Keen-eared readers will have noticed Mockingbird songs in their neighborhoods that are crude renditions of car alarms and various industrial sounds.

Listen to the full NPR story below and read the article.

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