Counting Brown Pelicans with Audubon California

This past weekend brought many organized birding events to the city of Los Angeles. Audubon chapters from around LA coordinated the second annual Bird Day LA: a slew of bird/nature walks, photography classes, and a bar meet-up, all aimed to get the public excited about bird watching, nature, and conservation. Coincidentally, Audubon California decided to hold the first-ever Brown Pelican Survey on the same day. Due to my hectic school and work schedule, I decided to focus my time on attending this important bird count.

ebird social profile cover

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eBird Social Network Mockup

Truth be told, I have been sitting on this for a while. Ever since I started using eBird to help catalog my bird observations, there has been a longing for more. I’ve longed for a social aspect of eBird. A website where I could follow fellow birder friends and connect with new ones. I’ve created this eBird mockup for fun and will run through a few of my ideas.

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Where to Find Birds

eBird makes it easy to find birds no matter where you are, even if you are in a new city or location.

One of the best and most useful tools you can have in your birder’s toolkit is the knowledge of how to use eBird. Once you have mastered the art of eBird you will know the hottest and best places to go birding, no matter where you may travel!

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eBird: The Gamification of Birding?

Growing up in the ’90s you could definitely consider me a part of the “Pokémon Generation.” Throughout my childhood I played games like Sonic, Zelda, Mario, but the one that seemed to have the biggest impact on me and my friends was Pokémon. We spent countless hours battling, training, trading—but most of all collecting Pokémon.

I confess to still being a fan of the series and continue to play the newest games today (while gleefully passing on “adult” shooter and sports games).

What does this have to do with birds?