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Releasing Gulls at White Point

Recently, I had the privilege of participating in a release of three Western Gulls that we helped rehabilitate at International Bird Rescue in San Pedro, CA.

We frequently receive injured or sick gulls and other aquatic birds at the rehab center. The veterinary staff does their best to plan a path to wellness for these birds.

beginner birder

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Aerial Feeding of The Gulls and other birds spotted around the park

During my morning trip to the nearby Lake Balboa, the sun was shining and the place was alive with birds of all sorts: Red-wing Blackbirds, American Coots, House Finches, Mallards, Sparrows, Grackles, you get the idea.

They are all hungry for food, most find their own breakfast, but some birds are really aggressive and pandering to get handouts from people— those birds are Ring-Billed Gulls.

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The Beginner Birder’s Gull Guide

Gulls can be confusing! Here are a few tricks to help tell some of the more common gulls apart.

This gull guide is for adult birds only. Gulls get even more tricky than depicted here, due to the fact that juvenile gulls are completely different colors, usually brown with a black bill. Juvenile identification will take more practice, but start with learning the differences between adult gulls, then focus on the young ones. These are the four main gulls I’ve seen in Southern California: