how to record bird sightings using your phone

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How to Record Bird Sightings with Your Phone

Recording the species and number of birds you see on your bird walks is good practice for reinforcing newly-learned birds and for contributing to citizen science. For a while, eBird has been the de facto website for submitting checklist of birds that you spot. There were a handful of bird checklist iPhone and Android apps out there for people, and BirdLog was one of the most popular. Here is a quick guide on how to record bird sightings with your phone using the new app.

birding at la river

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Birding at the LA River

Saturday brought an annual birding trip to the lower LA River with the Pasadena Audubon. This trip was timed to take advantage of the birds returning for the winter and for the migrating birds passing through. Little did I know that we would be spotting a rare bird that had been recently reported in the area, read on to find out what bird we saw.