So many great posts of birds make it to Tumblr every week, so here is the first regular weekly recap of some of the best. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter too.

Kestrel Sounds like Fire Alarm

This adorable American Kestrel lives by the motto “ALWAYS BE BEEPING.”


What Kind of Duck Are You Quiz

Everyone loved our first quiz “What Chicken Are You?” We finally delivered another one. Expect many more great ones in the future featuring, owls, gulls, hummingbirds, corvids, and more.



This owl has been terribly lonely and you’ve finally arrived. He has been waiting for you.


Betty, The First Chicken Joins Twitter

Betty, the first chicken on twitter (but not the first bird) is on Twitter, pecking away at a keyboard with a goal of tweeting one five-letter english word. Follow her on @chickentreat.


This Cockatoo Has a Need for Tissues – a Great Need

This cockatoo has terribly bad allergies. The only solution is to cover the entire floor in tissues. Duh.