catching bald eagle in bird show

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Behind the Scenes at a Birds of Prey Show

A free-flight birds of prey show. I have seen hundreds of them, and I still get a wave of childlike giddiness every time I get the chance to see another one. I know I’m not the only one that believes that they are always an absolute highlight of zoo trips. There’s just something about watching a raptor soar inches above my head that takes my breath away. The speakers and trainers point, the bird flies, all of it happens in near perfect synchronization. Watching the speaker on stage, talking so calmly about the bird, engaging the audience with every syllable, it is extremely easy to believe that the entire show is effortless.

hummingbird nest

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Video: Hummingbird Builds a Nest

Hummingbirds weight about as much as a penny and fly hundreds of miles each year during migration. Watch as this tiny female Anna’s Hummingbird creates a nest for its young. It steals spider silk fibers, moss, small leaves, and other materials to strengthen the cup that it sits in.

ebird social profile cover

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eBird Social Network Mockup

Truth be told, I have been sitting on this for a while. Ever since I started using eBird to help catalog my bird observations, there has been a longing for more. I’ve longed for a social aspect of eBird. A website where I could follow fellow birder friends and connect with new ones. I’ve created this eBird mockup for fun and will run through a few of my ideas.