canon r6 and 400mm lens

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Learning to photograph birds on Manual with Canon R6

Up until recently, I’ve always shot in Aperture Priority (Av) mode. That’s what I was taught when I first started using a DSLR and what I’ve always stuck with. It wasn’t until recently when a friend was convincing me of the non-scariness of Manual (M) mode that I decided to do some research and give it a try.

iphone using merlin's sound id

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Identify bird songs using your phone with Merlin

If you could take three things with you when you go birdwatching, what would they be? Binoculars, a camera, and a smartphone would be my answer. Over the past few years, new phone apps have enabled birders, both rookie and seasoned, to better identify and record what they see in the field. The Merlin App has led the way in offering a robust tool to identify unknown birds.

carolina chickadee with spectrogram overlay

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Visualize bird songs with spectrograms

Recording bird songs is a great way to begin learning how to identify birds by ear. But listening to your clips isn’t the only way to enjoy and study them. Spectrograms add a whole new layer to your bird recordings, enabling you study them visually and see how species vocalize in different ways.

ruddy turnstone with merlin app in foreground


Identify birds with your phone camera

Birders these days have many tools at their disposal to help identify birds they see. Field guides, apps, other birders, and more. Today we will be focusing on an app from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology called Merlin. The Merlin app has an amazing new feature called Photo ID, which enables you to select a photo from your phone’s camera roll and it will attempt to identify it.

eBird app explore hotspot map view

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Find birds on the go with new features in the eBird app

A recent update to the eBird app has brought hotspots directly to your fingertips. Now, upon opening the eBird app, you’ll see a new “Explore” tab. In the explore tab you are presented with a map view that shows all of the nearby birding hotspots.


My Gear Setup: Birdsong Recording

Recording birdsong is a great way to become a better birder and grow an appreciation for the sheer diversity of bird vocalization. When I started … Read more