How to Start a Bird Blog

Have birds or the hobby of birdwatching inspired you? When I started really getting into birds, I had a lot of creativity looking for an outlet, some of it came through photography, and some of it came through writing. This blog post talks mainly about your blogging platform options and what to think about when starting a new bird blog.


Always check that speck

When birding or going about your day, sometimes you’ll see a small speck of color or a bird off in the distance. You may ask yourself, is that a piece of garbage, a common bird, or something else entirely?

leading a bird walk at the park


How to get people interested in birdwatching

“I only ever see pigeons, crows, or sparrows…”

I’ve heard this common experience from many friends and family. As an avid birdwatcher for the last ten years, I wear my hobbies on my sleeve.

shotgun microphone setup with iphone


Using a shotgun mic with an iPhone to record birds

I’ve used my existing microphone setup with a dedicated recorder since I picked up the equipment. While taking an online course on How to Record Bird Sounds, one of the setups they showed in the video utilized an external microphone connected to an iPhone running Merlin.

add highpass filter in audacity


Quick guide: How to edit bird song recordings

You’ve captured a few recordings of birds on your phone or recording equipment and now you want to edit them to keep or upload to eBird. What is the easiest way to do this? Here is a quick guide that will help you master your recordings in less than five minutes using Audacity. This guide will help you do three things: normalize, filter, and crop the audio.