how to record bird sightings using your phone

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The Ultimate Digital Birding Toolkit

There are many benefits to bringing your mobile device with you into the field when you go birding. Mobile apps offer a wide variety of ways to help you bird better, including: field guides, ID tools, observation tools and more. Keep reading to learn the must-have birding apps for your mobile phone.

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Non-obvious Tips to Help Identify Birds

After going bird watching a few times or watching your feeder for a few weeks, the birds slowly start to look more and more familiar. But it can still be a challenge to discern one bird from another or to learn to recognize a new species you’ve seen only a few times.

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Guide: Building the Perfect Birdhouse

Give a bird a home! Building a birdhouse is a really fun little DIY project to tackle. Learn what it takes to create the perfect birdhouse and get ready to say hello to some feathered friends!

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Organizing Photos Guide

Organizing photos is very important task to do as soon as you begin bird photography. On a typical birding day, you could easily take 300-500 pictures. Keeping all your photos organized without the help of some software can be a difficult and time-consuming task. There are a handful of different applications that can be used to organize—but the industry standard tool is Adobe Lightroom.

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Duck Feeding PSA

No bread, of any kind, has any nutritional value for ducks. By feeding them bread, it fills their stomachs while providing no nutrients. It’s essentially the equivalent of humans eating cotton balls, or grass. This also goes for such snacks as tortilla chips, regular chips, pretzels, cheesies etc. The oil, salt, and/or flavoring on any human snack is no good for ducks. This is especially important for the wee ones during the breeding season, while they’re growing.

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5 Tips on Breaking into the Biology Profession

Getting a job is hard. Thousands of millennials graduate college each year with nothing else to show for it than a piece of paper. A diploma no longer gets you a full-time job right out of college. The job market is tough, especially in the wildlife field. There is a finite amount of jobs for a growing pool of applicants. This doesn’t mean you can’t get there, it just means you have to put in a little more effort beyond your time spent at college!

Here are a quick 5 tips on breaking into the biology profession:

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6 Things to Know Before Getting a Pet Bird

Birds are among the top five pets commonly found in households. People prefer them for various reasons. Some like talking birds because they can be easily taught specific words, some want birds that come in pairs because they look good together. Others, are simply intrigued by a certain species, making them want one as a companion just because.

how to record bird sightings using your phone

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How to Record Bird Sightings with Your Phone

Recording the species and number of birds you see on your bird walks is good practice for reinforcing newly-learned birds and for contributing to citizen science. For a while, eBird has been the de facto website for submitting checklist of birds that you spot. There were a handful of bird checklist iPhone and Android apps out there for people, and BirdLog was one of the most popular. Here is a quick guide on how to record bird sightings with your phone using the new app.


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How to Make Your First Bird Walk a Success

More and more people are becoming fond of birdwatching in the Philippines. However, the number of birdwatchers, while growing, is still comparably small compared to the communities of birdwatchers in other parts of the world. There is limited access to fellow birders in some countries that can supply advice, especially when it comes to tips on how to go about birding. Nonetheless, here is some advice that any new birder can use to make your first bird walk a success and for any bird outings to come.