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Birdsnap App Review

Birdsnap uses visual recognition and magic to identify birds in photos taken with your iPhone.

I am a big fan of incorporating technology into my birding adventures. So when I got wind of a new app on the App Store that claims to identify birds just based on pictures, I got extremely excited

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Binocular Harness Review: Nice but Not Necessary

My desire for a binocular harness really just stemmed from the fact that I thought they looked cool on other people. I asked fellow birders what their purpose was, they said it was to take the weight off your neck and to keep the binoculars from swinging around too much.

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iPhone 7/8/X and Samsung Galaxy Binocular Adapter Case for Digiscoping

With more and more people carrying cameras with them everywhere, ‘digiscoping’ has increased in popularity. Digiscoping is the practice of pointing a phone camera or digital camera through a pair of binoculars or a spotting scope to increase the zoom and take photos of birds that are really far away.

Trying to do this by holding your phone up to a scope or binoculars is very difficult and tedious. It often requires the cooperation of two people: one to hold the camera and position it properly, and the other to find…